Thursday, January 17, 2008

January Blahs

Here it is a colder January day in our part of Texas. Not much business out there today.
Most of the people out browsing in antique shops are from the northern part of US. They think this is nice weather. My friend in North Dakota laughs at me when I talk about the cold weather.
But to us in the eastern wooded part of Texas, it is cold when that north wind is blowing.
That reminds me of the name of the antique parlor suite in my store for sale. I wanted to put it in my own living room however my husband said it is too fussy for him. I have a customer coming that was referred by my auction house owner to see this set. Guess her husband likes this fussy furniture. Should I trade husbands when she gets here? No I would not trade off my husband even if he does not agree on furniture styles with me.
This furniture which is a settee, 2 side chairs and 2 arm chairs one of which is a rocker, is called
North Wind. Do any of you know anything about it? If so, I would love to hear from you. The fabric is green and black silk velvet. Very elegant.
A picture is enclosed. On the settee is a wonderful old black and white print. Plus two books which I think are so pretty with their pale covers and gold lettering. To finish the arrangement off is a vintage green floral chandelier.
If I sell it ok, but I will miss it in the store grouped in front of the old early 1800's mantle we took out of a house about to be demolished in the 1970's in Norfolk VA. They had said take anything left in it and we did. Also that day's take was 2 newel posts, 2 doors with the leaded glass missing, a wonderful banister, and a small claw foot tub. We took all that home on the top of a convertible. YES, we did. Those were the fun days. You don't find deals like that anymore.

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