Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Name of my store

I promised Theresa, my friend at Garden Antiques to tell the story of how I came to be calling my business Callie Magee Antiques. So here it is:
One day my sister Deb and I were driving to an antique store going out of business sale in Groveton TX. We had been discussing various names for my new store. We tried them out for how they sounded as we were driving. I suggested Back Porch Antiques and she said there was already one nearby. I liked the laid back names suggesting a slower time than we currently live in. We were still doing this when we arrived at the sale and each shot out of the car like bats out of you know where on a mission. We get this way when there are antiques involved. Deb does not have a store but buys strictly for her own pleasure.
We entered the old brick walled store and started our own individual search for the perfect items to take home with us. Not long into our searches Deb called out to look at this. Well, antiquing with Deb is always like this, she sees and if she doesn't want it personally she calls out to me to come to buy. We work this way. I do the same toward her. It works!!!
I went over and here it was, a long green and white and black sign saying Callie Magee Co Millinery, dry goods, ladies ready to wear, victrolas and radios. It was big. About 12 feet long.
And only about 28 inches tall. A local sign painter has told me it is a very good sign of that era.
It showed her name later added to the sign as Callie Hall and then on the other side her husband's name James Hall. So we bought the sign that day and had to return later to pick it up in a truck. And hence, the name of my business was discovered in an out of the way place.
Now, that is not the end of the story. I got my DBA and the business was born as Callie Magee Antiques. The sign was in place. Then I discovered that the James Hall she married later in life was a distant relative of mine. How about that?
A few months after I opened the store two little old ladies came in the store and asked to see the owner. I said that is me and they said" Which of the Magees are you from?" They had seen my outside sign that was painted saying Callie Magee Antiques and came in. They were from the Magee family and thought I was one of them. It was quite comical. By the time they left, after
a long visit of over an hour, they declared me one of the Magees and said they would bring all the other Magees who came to visit them in to meet me.
So that is the story of how I came to be called Callie Magee Antiques. And why I now answer when customers call me Callie. She is reborn again in me. She was a business woman back in the early 1900's to 1920 and here I am now living her life in some ways. I like thoughts like these and visit them often.
So Theresa, here is my story for all to see.


Garden_Antqs said...

I love hearing your story, thanks for that. I think it really is the history behind the name more than anything that intrigues me. Don't you wish you had a picture of her to post in your shop? Or...maybe you do.

Flea Market Queen said...

I love your story & I adore your name...Perfect!