Saturday, May 24, 2008

June June June

-------Gardens, Brides, and whatever we connect with June from our memories.

Country Gentleman Magazine cover June 1928 >>>

I love June!!! I did not marry in June but love to see the weddings and garden parties and gardens in
June. The real heavy floral scents are out in all their glory.
Two of my gardenias are wonderful with bloom. Two newer ones are not.
My yard is coming along very nicely where the latest plantings are. At least it is not so hot yet that I must water every day, every other is doing well right now, but with Texas that won't last very much longer. It was 93 yesterday and probably is today as well.

I am ready to begin changing the display windows here at the store on Monday to include the wedding scene with an antique wedding gowned mannequin and the groom mannequin in his antique tuxedo with tails. I will try to include a picture of this window scene for you.
But for now I have to wait on that.

Here is an excerpt from the Seven Hundred Album Verses book dated 1884 that I have been writing from:

" Peace be around thee, wherever thou rovest:
May Life be for thee one summer's day;
And all that thou wish, and all that thou lovest,
Come smiling around thy summer way.

If sorrow e'er this calm should break,
May even thy tears pass off so lightly,
Like spring showers, they will only make
The smiles that follow shine more brightly. "

I love this little book as you can probably tell. I quote it over and over.

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