Friday, September 26, 2008

Hurricane Ike

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As you all know we have had quite a storm down here in Texas. Thought you would like to see some pictures as

if you have not seen enough on television lately. But this one hit at home so we are shaken over this and the pictures too.

Crystal Beach on Bolivar Penisular: See before and after pics below. Click to enlarge and see both. Click on picture at right to see his surviving possession:

We live about 100 miles north of Galveston but saw our own devastation. Our neighborhood had so many trees through the roof of houses that I quit counting at about 20 or so. The worst was my friend Sandy that was killed when the tree hit her house. They were sleeping in their upstairs bedroom when the hurricane went over us about 4:30am. I was looking out the windows when it came through( I know we were not supposed to be near glass windows but how can you not look?). We live next to a golf course and there were about 10 big trees out there near us that went down. Not just the tall pines but oaks as well. I guess the winds were at about 75 to 80 miles an hour when they went through our town.
My grand daughter and her husband lost their newly bought house on Lake Houston. They had paid the second payment on it. They lost all the contents. They had decided not to stay home and ride it out thankfully so were not home. They and their two babies were at her mother in law's house with a generator for the power outage we all expected and got.
We were without power for 5 days and I waved and cheered the electric company from Maryland who hooked up back up with electricity. Never been so happy to see Yankees before.
A little joke.
The store here was without power for 6 days and when we were back on it was still surging.
I lost my computer for a few days until it was repaired. Other than that, I read books by flashlight. We had a generator which we ran every few hours to keep the food safe. And the TV. It was like a miracle when we would get to turn on the TV and hear what was happening in the rest of the world.
We are here and we are recovering. That is what life is about.
Thanks to all our friends from all over who came to help us during this event.

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