Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have absolutely nothing to say!!! However,

Sometimes it is best to have nothing to say!!! Yes, true. Today I was expecting a lady to come in to buy a dresser. Then when she did she asked for a discount on this dresser which I had paid way too much for. I said the most I can come down is 10% but she expected me to come down more. . So where do you go from there. She went on her way and I was left to wish I had sold it for less than I had paid???? Business is not fairly balanced many times. Did I lose a sale when we badly needed one? Did I lose out completely? Did she go somewhere else and get a better deal on a dresser that she really did not want? Puzzling.
I have been dreaming of a new tall display cabinet. Yesterday we drove out to a nearby small town when a lady called me to tell me she had this item for sale. She had heard I was looking for one.
Well, we got there and then started trying to remove the item from her storage building and it came apart. It had been wet in a recent rain from the bottom where the storage building leaked. We had not known this. So now, we went all that way and wasted all that time and nothing. They were very nice people. Her husband gave me a bust of a Roman slave that is black and chipped and weird and I plan to redecorate around it in one section of the store. That is funny how one item can make you rethink your whole decor. I will take a picture when this job is done.
As I said, business is very slow. We are hit hard by this recession or whatever it is. I was just sitting out on the street on a bench with a neighboring store owner and friend Kathleen and we were discussing how slow business is. This is something I really enjoy about a small town. Sitting outside chatting, hollering across the street to someone you know, you just don't get that in a large city. Believe me I know.
I have lived many places. This is back home where I began. It was the same at my last location. My friend Diana and I met in the middle of the street to talk, not a busy main street at all. But this is something many people can only dream about.
Today I am reflecting on many things. Life is funny and as another friend says all the time and it begins to get on your nerves after a few million times, "Life is good".

To the left is a small shabby white traveling bird cage from a Paris flea market.
I have just recently became the owner of it. The door has a little metal bird on it.
There are drawers in the back for removal of seed and stuff.

To the right is the French perfume display that I use to show off wedding cake toppers
that are for sale here. Which reminds me that June is fast approaching and a time to decorate with a bridal theme in one of the display windows.

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