Friday, August 7, 2009

Old Hats

Hats have been around for some time. I can remember in the 60's when ladies wore hats to Church.

When you think back on what our grandmothers and great grandmothers wore you have to remember their hats.

No woman left home without her hat. This was even for a run to the grocery store or post office or bank.

Ladies had so much more to do to be ready to go out into public than we do today. I am guilty of sometimes going out as I know I should not.

Once when living in Florida, I had to take my husband to work that morning and did not have time to get all made up since we were running late not knowing in advance his car would not start.
I had on my robe and pjs beneath and not a sign of makeup.
Wouldn't you know that morning I would have a blow out on the way back home after delivering him to his job at the Naval Base. Here I was standing beside a 4 lane highway in my robe, waiting for help to come. When it did I was embarrassed and hopefully learned a vital lesson in life. Not to mention that there was a wreck behind me and I was on TV. All while dressed in my night clothes. Now I try to at least be dressed in something I would not mind being taken on to a hospital in.

Below are hats from my store.

Did your Mom ask you every morning before you left for school, " Do you have on good undies?" Our mother did. In case you had a wreck you would not want anyone to see torn ones. This is the truth!!!

So you see how vital it was to be properly dressed? I surely learned that lesson early.

For reference on hats here are some good books available on


The Victorian Parlor said...

Oooo...I love hats and wear them regularly!



The Green Pea said...

I have a wonderful collection of old hats. I just love them, I can not sell them just yet. Sandi

Sue Seward said...

We have five hats that belonged to my husband's grandmother. They are all from department stores in Richmond Virginia. My husband is 60 so they are very old. One of them looks like mink and was definitely his grandmothers because it was labeled Mothers Fur Hat by his mom. One is all feathers, very nice. They are all in mint condition and have been in their original boxes with tissue paper for many years. How can we find out how much they are worth?

I emailed you today with photos. I'm in Austin.

Thank you,
Sue Seward