Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's wrong with yellow?

I think yellow is the most misunderstood color. I never wear it. I never buy it. I ignore it. You never see a Yellow Tuesday blog or Yellow Friday blog day, do you? You see White Wednesday and Green Friday or whatever. And if I ever find my missing camera I will do White Wednesday too.
I love it!!!

But let us take a closer look at the color yellow:

We see it in nature and it shows off in all it's glory. God made yellow roses and they truly stand out among their competition.

Now glance at the vase of mixed roses and tell me which color jumps out at you. Yellow, right?

Fashion may ignore yellow for the most part but look at some shots of beautiful older clothing in yellow:

And more recent items in yellow: 1950's yellow prom dress

More old fashion with yellow and other colors blended to create something that was quite the style in it's day.
Left below is 1930's floral yellow and brown party dress. Middle is Black and yellow 1950's party dress with bolero and epaulets, and last of all right 1920's flapper dress with hand beading. All clothing items for sale here at Callie Magee Antiques in the Clothing Boutique.


common ground said...

I think yellow is not sought after as much, because as a fashion color most people do not find yellow to be flattering to their skin tones. I know I look horrid in yellow, but I love it as an accent in decorating. Colors rich in golds and browns tend to be easier on the eye.
This is a great post, and very thought provoking. I love looking at how "color" affects our mood.

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love yellow! I have used various shades of yellow throughout the house and I have yellow in my wardrobe as well. My favorite shades of yellow are the ambers and dark golds.