Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Old Jewelry: memories and more

Today when I place a fine piece of jewelry from the 1920's and 30's in the jewelry case here at the store where we sell antique and estate jewelry as well as other antiques , I remember Great Grandmother Minnie and those times in her home. Just the two of us. I feel I am fortunate to have known both great grandmothers in my life as many of my friends did not get the chance to be alive when the greats were. This gr grandmother lived to be about 70 and the other one who we called Granny Boo, due to her blindness and us sneaking up on her trying to scare her and yelling boo, she lived to be 99.

Great-Grandmother Minnie was quite wealthy and had so many wonderful things in her house. I took my time and examined each one without touching them as she watched over me. 

But the best part of a trip to her house was her jewelry and makeup and furs.  She allowed me to dress up in her furs, jewelry and apply as much makeup on my little 5 year old face as I wanted. What a mess I probably made. She never scolded me. Others said she was not a warm person,  however I never saw that. She let me do much as I wanted in her house. The old jewelry was the favorite and I shudder now to think of the cost of some of her items, but she never said not this one or maybe when you are older. I was allowed to try on until I tired of the game and went on back next door where my grandmother, her daughter lived and where my family would be. I often remember these times now. She died almost 50 years ago.

I especially love those Czech pieces made in the 20's and 30's and the extravagance they portray with only glass and rhinestones. Not many precious jewels here during this era.
In addition to the Art Deco jewelry I have an extensive inventory of Victorian and Edwardian and 1960's to 1980's designer jewelry as well.
We try to keep those that are favorites of our customers here. 

To bottom left are my two  grandbabies, Lane and Jayleigh. Had to put them in somewhere and they have nothing to do with vintage or antique jewelry. But they are part of my heart. They love to come to the store for tea parties. This is something I did with their mother when she was small and she wanted to be sure they experienced tea parties when they came along.  There is a children's area of the store with a small tea set and they automatically head in there now when they come.  Even Lane the baby boy likes our tea parties.  His Dad is a little worried about his son having tea parties but I said it won't hurt him any. And they do enjoy it. The last time I had planned to take them to Farmhouse Sweets here on the Square also for ice cream when they came, and we did that. Then when we got back to the store they wanted a tea party anyway. This is a wonderful enjoyable thing for me but I hope it will be for them like the makeup and jewelry were to me when I was about their ages.  MEMORIES, what better thing is there for grandmothers to leave behind?

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Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Lois, what a couple of cuties they are...and how wonderful they want to have "tea" with you! Your jewelry is amazing, what a huge inventory of lovely pieces! I just loved hearing about Grandma Boo, oh we kids can be mean can't we?!!