Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Texas Independence Day March 2

Texas Independence Day:  March 2.  This is a big day here in the hometown of a Texas hero, Sam Houston. So if you are not interested don't read this post. 
Many events are planned around town for that day beginning with a coffee at the Gibbs Powell Museum House at 9:30am. My husband will be helping with that by registering guests to the home. This house was built in 1862 and is the only Greek Revival house in town still standing. The Walker Country Historical Commission operates it as a museum. They are hoping to add it for regular tours soon. At present it is open only on special occasions.
Following that will be the annual march from Sam Houston University to the gravesite of Sam Houston at 11 am. This has been done since 1889.  A program will be presented with speakers and decendants of Sam Houston present as well as the Chief of the Alabama-Coushatta Indian tribe from nearby Livingston. Houston had a long history with the Indians.
At 12 noon there will be a sit down meal by reservation at the local Homestead Restaurant(shown above). For those who do not know it is in a 1800's Dogtrot log cabin and is the most elegant restaurant in town. I will be signing in guests there and will (try to) be wearing Mrs.Longino's antique yellow satin dress which was restored a few years ago.
 Pray that I do not spill something on this valuable dress. I have not had the fitting as yet but will soon. Then if I am not a fit I will need to wear another historical dress but I have my heart set on this yellow dress and wearing  the dress of the woman who did so much for the Sam Houston Museum in years past.
Later on there will be cake at the Sam Houston Statue Visitor Center . This Center sees an average of  50,000 visitors a year.    Later there are activities at the Sam Houston Museum with speaker
 James Bevill author of "The Paper Republic" with a book signing also.
If you have never been to the Museum this is a great time to visit on  Texas Independence Day which is also Sam Houston's Birthday.  Soon after this event on March 2, the Museum grounds will see again the annual Sam Houston Folk Festival on April 30 through May 2.  I will talk more about that later. So keep us in mind when planning a getaway. There is much more to do here so go to one of these web sites to find more:
Sam Houston Museum:

                                               Walker Country Historical Commission:

                                               Huntsville TX Chamber of Commerce:


Sue said...

I loved reading the history of March 2nd in Texas! My mom was born and raised in Texas. Born in Lubbock and grew up in Temple. I grew up listening to my mom tell me stories about her beloved Texas! Even though she ended up in CA, she never lost her Texas pride! Thanks for the post.
Take care, Sue

Donatella said...

thank you for stopping by and becoming a follower.. I am following you too.. like all your dolls and blog,,happy saterday

Janean said...

who would have thought the "1800's Dogtrot log cabin" is the most elegant restaurant in town...Dogtrot and elegant don't seem to go together, but looks (or names) can be deceiving!

hope your dress didn't get a spill one!

thanks for the history and photos, sweet Callie!

~La Rustique Market~ said...

Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I love the photos of the historical homes.

Have a great day!