Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waiting for Spring

This winter has seemed the longest in many years. And it certainly seems as though it will never end and let spring come to us. I don't think I have even seen any daffodils here and about. I long for the wildflowers that grow everywhere in the spring. Just to see one azalea in bloom and Redbud trees in the woods . But this year I think we are going to have to wait the full time for spring to show up. 
The picture above is of the garden sheep I bought last year following Hurricane Ike in one of the only antique stores which had reopened. They said it was salvaged from a home that was damaged and the owner was throwing it out because one ear was broken. This little sheep has seen allot with the destruction that was Galveston in Hurricane Ike.  I was excited to find it and bring it home with me. I think he likes it better here too.
The header picture is an old oil painting here in the store and sorry for the glare.

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Debra@Common Ground said...

How appropriate to rescue an item after the trauma of that storm. And don't we all feel like that at times. We come out a little battered after a storm, thankfully we are not discarded.
hugs and blessings,