Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lavender and Old Lace

Some days when I walk throughout the store I see something that reminds me of something else in time. This is the case with the old book by Myrtle Reed called Lavender and Old Lace.
It makes me think of the intricate laces and the work that went into making a piece of lace.
I have a book shown here called " The Identification of  Lace" (from 1980)  that shows some lovely lace items with type, uses and background which has been helpful to me in identifying the different items that we get in the store.

I want to show you some examples of lace items currently here:
And some items made with the old lace.
Both are lingerie from the 1800's. These two are pantaloon 1 piece garments. 
Some other types of items with lace:
Above is a 1930's lace dress and to the left is a 1920's flapper dress.
These two are children's clothing items from 1800's : Dress on the left and coat on the right Some. wonderful workmanship

This piece of lace is hanging at the sign pointing toward the Vintage clothing room. Several have tried to buy this article but I like how it looks over the doorway with the moss hanging over it.

An old girdle from the 1940's to the right:
An old ad showing lingerie. 
Last of all is Maxine the mannie wearing a 1890's outfit trimmed in lace. She is scary to the kids who come in because she was the victim of a robbery awhile back at Halloween and some local college students needed her eyes for a party they were having and helped themselves.  
I like her and even talk to her occasionally when we are here alone. She is a great friend. She listens anytime I need her to. Have a wonderful day.


Dolls from the Attic said...

Wonderful pieces of lace and vintage lingerie...beautiful pictures!

Sue said...

The amount of time that goes into some of the old lace pieces is truly amazing. I love old books, the ones have held up over all these years. I'm amazed that some have lasted this long. Have a great day.

Take care, Sue

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love old lace! Thanks for sharing pictures of the lace in your shop:).



Bob West said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. Very Insightful!
Hopefully mine will encourage you.
God Bless, Bob west

Cheryl said...

Congratulations! You are the winner on my little giveaway! You can email me at rhinestonesandroses@yahoo.com..I will need your name and address for shipping. Thank you!

Nishant said...

beautiful pictures!
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