Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Old medical equipment

I remember when Drs. still made house calls. I was quite small but remember getting a shot while lying in my bed at home. Had the flu and he came to see me daily until I was better.
Our Dr. was Dr. Thornton. He was the best one in town in my opinion. He is gone now.Died over 20 years ago. But since we grew up in a small town the DRs. still came to see you at home. We had no hospital in our town at that time.
I remember the black bag which he carried everywhere, even when he was seen at Church or out in the community. He was a good caring man and well respected.

Note the header picture:
Can only have been in Texas with those hats. Old 1950's picture I found.

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Sue said...

I LOVE old medical stuff. Then again there is a lot of stuff I love! I have a whole cabinet full of different kinds of medical stuff in my bathroom. Actually, the cabinet itself it a medical cabinet!

Take care, Sue