Friday, July 16, 2010

Canning and preserving the bounty of the farm

Some items of the past that many do not even know what they were used for:
Right is an old canner which has a carrier for jars inside and the grinder on top and old box of spices used for pickling.

And left a corer for apples. The old preserves book is from my grandmother's days.

A household scale

Assorted Jars

Lots of green handled utensils in a bowl
Do you remember these old egg beaters and a potato masher?

And what about a sifter? On top of an old apple box.

Many old items that are no longer
used are now very collectible.


annie mason aka junky gal said...

Now I'm wanting to make blackberry preserves. Do you know of any good places to junk in Austin? I'm gonna be there in a few days.

Attic Rat said...

My Grandma canned all kinds of things and would store them in the storm cellar. I liked going in there, but rarely had the opportunity.

I am trying to get an asparagus bed going right now. They say it can take years.

Happy hunting,

Lynn said...

I found your blog on Texas Blogging Gals and was excited to see that you're in Huntsville!! I live in Houston, but visit Huntsville often as my daughter and son-in-law live there. I will make a point to come see you next time I'm in town!!