Friday, September 10, 2010

Black and White

Where would we be without our main colors of black and white?  I seem to have some sort of magnet that draws me to it. When I shop no matter my intentions, I end up almost always with a black dress or whatever item of clothing.
I suppose they had that  problem in the earlier days as well but maybe even more so.  There were not as many colors available to most.

 To the left is a pair of early women's boots and hardly seen crocheted bag.
Even the men wore lots of black.

     This old beaver top hat is original.

Ready for the theatre:

To the left is an old corsage, a bow to the white violin (not shown), and old music.  A painted architectural piece is on top of the music.

Below is an old Victorian ladies cape which she might have worn for an evening out at the theatre.

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