Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am blue!!!!

If you know me at all you know I love blue and white china. My kithen and breakfast room are decorated in this as well as one corner of the store here.
I have other china, yes, but my heart belongs to blue. I love the flow blue best of all.
It seemed to be somebody's mistake that turned out beautiful to me!!!
No matter where I go I still,  with so many pieces in my ownership look out for this.
But I also like almost any blue and white transferware, such as this blue English Chippendale.
I really do not like to sell the blue and white since so many have ulterior motives in buying it. It cringes my soul when someone says to me, "Oh it is going to make a wonderful mosaic."  I start trying to talk them out of buying this particular item.

I do only collect the Engish transferware or French. The above is English Adams and pattern is Shangri-La.

You cannot tell from this picture below but there are cows near a lake.
The name of the manufactor is Ashworth Bros. and the pattern is Hanley. It is English.
There is a man who comes every year to the Roundtop/Warrenton antique Fair that sells blue at the
La Bahia show. I stay there for hours looking and talking to him.

This pattern is Touraine by Alcock, English.
The large plate above is Barker & Sons Willow pattern. The other items, sugar bowl and bowls are Meakin Co. and pattern is Trellis. I have an entire set of this at home which came to me from my favorite aunt. 
These pieces were not part of my set.
The little sign is so cute and evidently made for someone just like me. Come visit me again soon!!!


jasmin said...

liebe Grüße, ich verstehe dich, das "BLAU" ist auch meine große Liebe, es ist schön zu fühlen und zu sehen, die schöne Camee,
ich hatte vor Jahren sie immer stolz getragen, aber einmal, aus irgend einem Grund verkaufte ich sie, das war nicht gut... denn es bricht mir noch heute das Herz,ich bin nicht glücklich darüber, weißt du, du hast mich mit den vielen schönen Fotos daran erinnert,in lieben Gedanken Jasmin

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

I too remember fond memories of family Thanksgiving dinners in my grandparents Victorian home they were a lot of fun. I luv the blue & white it is beautiful and displays so well against a dark wood buffet or cabinent. Thanks for sharing....Julian