Sunday, January 30, 2011

On the Way to Market

Last weekend as I previously posted, we went to Dallas Market for two days. On the way we stopped in the small town of Fairfield and here was this same house I had oohed and ahhed over about 20 years ago
when making the trip to and from Dallas where I went to school.  I stopped here that earlier time and this old
house was for sale to be moved. It is behind a Dairy Queen. 
This trip the house was still there and apparently no one had bought it or saved it. It sat there so forlorn
and I could still dream of moving it away, renovating  and saving it. I took some pictures and when back
in the car I told my husband the dream from years ago and he laughed right out loud at it.
I pretended to be hurt over that but in reality, we do not have the money or time to take on a challenge like this. I am posting in hopes that one of you will. This house has always been a landmark for me in between Huntsville and Dallas.
Here it is in all it's gloomy glory.
And last:


Victorian1885 said...

What a shame..such a wonderful home!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

All she needs is some T.L.C. and she will become the Queen she once was. Thanks for sharing her.....Julian