Saturday, February 12, 2011

Children's Books

One item in the store that sells well is antique books.  Many people come in looking for a certain book and if we do not have it we try to locate it for them. Many of our books are quite rare but then there are so many that are of the era when we were ourselves children. These are also good sellers.

The large book below "Big Story Book" dates to 1900 and the illustrations are just wonderful although in black and white.

Next is a series book and the heroine is Honey Bunch. These book are from 1929. I have had older ladies come in and say they read these books when they were quite young.

And the same with the Bunny Brown series below.
Unfortunately a few years ago many bought these books with the colorful covers to tear apart and use to make boxes with the cover only.  So many were lost during that time.

Above are two other books from that era which have lovely covers.

And many were about pets:
Various ones for the younger child.

Of course all of us remember Bambi, which has stood the test of time.

And so many years there have been Little Golden Books.
An older edition of Robin Hood and a little 1900's book called Sahib's Birthday.

This old book is Robert Louis Stevenson Reader by Catherine Bryce and published by Charles Scribner. It is a  first edition dated 1906. Stevenson was sick as a child and enjoyed make believe. His parents were very rich and his nurse was a kind soul who nurtured him and entertained him as well. He wrote all the poems in this book.

In later years boys all over the US became interested in baseball. There were entire series of books published to whet that interest. Above is one "Dave Parker" series.

Boys and girls loved Roy Rogers and his wife Dale Evans. I remember my Dad rushing home from work to catch the TV series about them when I was a child.
Another TV hero was Hopalong Cassidy.

When I was a child I did not know there were other movies other than westerns. That was all we were ever taken to see. My Dad loved them!!!
And for every good western you needed Indians:

Girls liked  Heidi, Rebecca and of course Little Women.

Huckleberry Finn, Hardy Boys, Bobsey Twins
Boys also enjoyed during the 40's and 50's these series books:
Also girls loved Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames RN and Trixie Belden stories.

Then finally the Cat in the Hat series came along. My kids loved everything Cat in the Hat.
I did not show so many of the books we have such as Primers and that sort but only those
that I felt represented a sampling of what kids in the US have enjoyed over the years.

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Pie Lady Pat said...

What a lovely book collection! I have a few of my dad's childhood books, some of my own and oodles of my kids' books..... cannot part with even one of them. And I maintain a lending library for the neighborhood kids.... always fun to have them visit! Thanks for the nice post.