Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Preparation for Spring

Today I was scouting the store to see what the different booths are doing to prepare for Spring.
Here are some things I saw:
First one is this tablescape with very spring-like colors going on.
Who would have thought to use a curtain for the tablecloth? 

Old Waverly Novels with architectural pieces on top.

The pieces of china and decor are
turquoise colored.

Very fresh.

This is the entrance to the antique clothing room showing a 1930's dress in yellow and brown with straw hat and a 1959 white prom dress with fur boa. (Will have to lose the boa when it actually gets warmer).
Then a smaller scene in there of the 1950's prom dresses in various colors:

And the 1950's crinolines or as we called them "can-cans".

and the antique boudoir doll
I have shown her to you before.
and above is a store cabinet with various chickens, hens on nests, scales and old tins and containers from an old store.

This old sign is from before 1940 and the empty cartons of butter from same period.
Speakers from old drive in theatre from the 50's. Anyone remember those?

Various 1940's to 50's table cloths.
We have many many more.
From the garden room, a display which is ongoing but only the items for sale change on it.

A sewing area with a wicker sewing chair and  sewing box with old pattens and some early ads.
This is a sampling. There is more to come.
Thanks for looking,


annie mason aka junky gal said...

Okay, now I've got to go junking today after seeing your blog! I love all the pics. The vignettes are beautiful!...Diane

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

I love the old Drive-in Movie speakers! So nastalgic.... boy do they bring back the memories. From a kiss to three little ones sitting in the back seat eating popcorn. Those were the days...Abbey