Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bonjour. Comment allez-vous? (Hello, How are you doing?)

Le soleil est la. (The Sunshine is here)
(I am learning French through my friend Bea.  Today I received some issues of French magazines from her)  Thanks Bea. 

This morning is beautiful and sunny.   It is where she lives as well.  We are having an early spring here in Texas.
The inlaws were here on the weekend and we all enjoyed the quiet visit.  We usually see them at Christmas when the entire extended families are there as well.  This time just the
four of us.
It was great seeing my husband and his brother who are so much alike that my sis in law and I just sat and laughed. 
The azaleas did not open in time for them to witness the wonderful scene but we all inspected the buds each morning first thing to see the progress.  I predict about next Monday should do it. 
We toured several places here they had not seen on their first trip over 5 years ago.  We were actually in CA where my husband's family live a year ago Christmas.  This past Christmas we skipped the family reunion there.  We plan to go again this coming Christmas.  We usually manage every other year.
It is good to be with family.  Happy Spring.

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