Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chippy old furniture

I just love the old chippiness of this rack which I imagine hung over someone's sink for years. 
For many years I did not get it with this old primitive farm furniture.  I wanted more refined antiques in my own home. But for the past 5 years I have gravitated toward these scratched, slightly beaten looking items.
The one above came from a local estate along with another here in the store.  I mostly use them for display but they are both for sale.
Above is a favorite that I bought at auction which sits on a drop leaf table in this display.  It is all white with the proper scratches and old paint showing through.
I love this old Civil War era cabinet.  A lady told me her great grandfather built it.
When I came upon it it was in an old barn and for sale so naturally I had to save it.
It has the old nails and hardware.
This is one of the pieces I reserve in the store which I use in my antique clothing room.
It is filled with 1800's lingerie.
Here is a counter or table and cabinet that I bought from Marion when she closed her booth at Sam Houston Antiques a few years ago.  It has the look to me of belonging in an old store but I am not sure it's earlier uses.

Here is the walnut pie safe with tin doors.

A 1880's oak pump organ and swivel stool.

This oak buffet or sideboard.

One of my favorites is this jelly cupboard from Tennessee. Chippy and perfect as it is.

All this old furniture has its history and could tell many a story I am sure.
Thanks for looking today. Lois


Victorian1885 said...

Love your place and would love to see more of the red transferware..

Simply Bungalow said...

Love all the cabinets. Just beautiful!

launder said...

Enjoyed the pictures of the furniture. I also have slowly gravitated to the primitives.