Friday, April 1, 2011

Roundtop Warrenton Antique Spring Shows

We  just returned from Roundtop/Warrenton.  Today is my husband's birthday and he is so sweet to
use his birthday time to go with me to the shows.  He knows how I love this time and he really tries
to enjoy it as well.  He looks at all the things for sale and the displays with me.
We stayed at our favorite hotel in the area, The Ant Street Inn.  We have stayed in about every room there.
This trip we had the Natchez room for about the 3rd time.  It has a queen canopy bed and looks out over the front of the hotel.
Our room was very comfortable as always. That train that comes through Brenham at all hours does me in
since I am a light sleeper so if you have trouble with a little occasional noise better stay in a different room. I am a light sleeper.
My husband never hears it.
We were able to visit some with Theresa and her husband Cruz earlier in the day and returned for her blog
party at 6pm.  She had a good turnout as always. The food was great and Cruz's guacamole was hot!!!! 
I mean really hot.  It was delicious.  She had a lovely layout for the table with white lace tablecloths and
a big gallon jug with white flowers the centerpiece. It was lovely.
I met people from CA and FL and all over the US.  People really do turn out for her parties. I did not get
pictures of her party.  We got pretty busy then I had to leave
early because of a migraine I had fought off all day.  It did not leave me until during the night.
Above is from a booth at La Bahia I believe.
I do not know how Theresa does it season after season. She works her heart out.
She makes it look like fun but we all know how hard it is. And she always has her smile on.
Only 2 or 3 of my pictures of her booth came out at all.  I will start with other booths we had taken pics of before we reached her.
 This one above is from one of the other shops.  Sorry cannot give the name of the owner of the booth since they rarely posted that in their booths. I think this one had to be at La Bahia.
The one above is also from La Bahia show.  I found that show very good this year.
Lots more of the booths were decorating their booths instead of just putting stuff in there.
This photo shows the European linens in the booth which I love to visit at La Bahia.

Sorry but you will have to wait for the hundreds Theresa will take. Here is one below that came through for me.  Also my header is from her booth.

Above from Theresa's booth as well.  So I did get 3 of all the pics I took there to work.  I will add the others if I can make them transfer to my computer.
Here I will show a few I took at other venues before getting to Warrenton and Zapp Hall.   I am still trying to download some more of Theresa's booth as well and will add them if I can do so.

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Lois, thanks so much for you and James coming to the party. I also enjoy seeing you two. Hope you had a great time at the show and found a treasure or two. I still have the metal cabinet if you want to see it? I'll bring it by.