Saturday, July 16, 2011

Old Store items

In the store we have lots of old tins and packages from early day stores.  There are tea and coffee tins, old medicine bottles, everyday things like blueing for clothes, unopened boxes of antique types of
laundry soap.  So many things that were used in the late 1800's and early 1900's and would have been purchased at a general store.

Above a sign from a store that said to come again.  The old bell that hung on a screen door in old days at the stores to alert them that customers had come in.

Different types of waxed butter containers.  Above those is a sign for creamery butter.  It is also old not a repro.

I have one customer that comes in every week to see what new items we have received.  He has just retired
from his job and enjoys searching for unique decorating ideas. 
He has bought many tins and cartons such as the old oatmeal container.  He decorates the home he and his wife share.  He sets up tableaux like I do in the store.

He has one corner with an antique school desk. Behind it is an old chalkboard he bought from me and
a large Raggedy Ann and Andy as his "students".  There are antique slates and they had old Primers
with leather belts around them to carry to and from home. 

Now he is building a new scene with an old chicken carrier of pine, a chicken feeder, a large stuffed
fake rooster and hen with some eggs in an old basket, and the old cardboard egg carton plus now
a box from a 1940's egg factory where they placed layers of eggs to go to the distributor.  He also has
a egg grader he bought from me as well.

He and I have such fun when he comes in decorating his scenes at home with  items he gains from me
and the store.
Now he is working on a new tableaux.  This one is a laundry scene.  He has double tubs and a washboard
for scrubbing the clothes.  An old box of laundry soap, some lie soap, and a small clothesline with items to be decided on later.  Oh yes, the bottle of blueing that was used to brighten the clothing on laundry day.
His wife has no interest in decorating and she is not quite retired from her job.  He is planning a surprise for
her next, he has an old typewriter and is buying from me an antiquated adding machine, ledger book,
check writer and some other items to set up an old office for her when she is no longer working.  She is a
CPA.  Isn't that just he sweetest thing?
All this is part of the store which I love the most, meeting people and helping them with their dreams.

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