Saturday, October 8, 2011

Head vases

Did anyone see the latest copy of Romantic Country and the article on head vases? 
I did not think these were very pretty and we have many here in the store.  I have
never liked them but apparently there is quite a following. 

I will admit to them having a certain charm, I mean some look like old ladies who
paint their lipstick too big for their lips.

  Their eyelashes remind me of a lady that
used to work with me who wore false eyelashes to work every day.  Overdone
is what I would call them. 

We have some that appear to be modeled after old movie stars.  I do not see Jackie
Kennedy in these at all but who knows. 

More like Lucille Ball.  I am sorry but I hated
her television shows.  I was never captivated by her problems which she brought on
herself.  She was too unorganized in her thinking to suit or appeal to me.

I read in the article that they were used to place flowers which the florists delivered.
Did not know that.  The value is more than I guessed they could ever be worth.
Let's just say though there are many here in this store, I did not personally value
them as much.  There are also many new ones called Cameo ladies.  We have some of those too but
I will not show them here except the header.

Just goes to show there are people who like all kinds of things.  They may say the
same about my obsessions for white ironstone, rose painted plates and china,
Czech 1920's jewelry,  apothecary items, bees, old books and who knows what
else.  Anyway, here is my contribution toward the subject of head vases.

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