Sunday, July 14, 2013


I would like to show you some new looks at the store in different booths.
We are not having as many travelers as usual and I guess the heat is keeping
them at home.

Today I will show all the china displays:

Close up of that cake plate leaning on this display:
And this one:

The lovely print is dated 1902.
Here is a beautiful  coffee set in pink roses:
The following is a mulberry or purple collection:
The purple or lilac or mulberry is great with the yellow flowers.

More roses below:
An English breakfast set. Soft pastels.

And lastly, I could not leave out some blue and white, always my favorite.
Hope you were not bored with the china display.  Personally I love china.
They are like little canvases to me.  Little portraits of life as it was.
Thanks for looking.  Have a great week!!!


Shaheen said...

I'm enchanted by your store, would love to walk through it in person

Al said...

The purple/lilac is so beautiful. I love that style, whatever it's called. water damage restoration Dallas TX