Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Day

It is rare for us to get this much snow here in Huntsville Texas but this morning we
woke to a white scene. This out my window in the den.

We did not go to the store today but took a snow day. All the county and city offices are closed as well as schools.

Grandchildren who live locally:

LJ right. His first snow and he said "hot".

Jayleigh left and Lane right. 

It was nice for us to have a snow day also.  Kids pictures were all posted to Facebook by their mothers from their own homes.

Below is our own yard:
And here also:
While we enjoy this brief experience, we would not like to see it every day.  Tomorrow it is back to work.
The change of pace is good for us. Memories of the last snow we had when the kids parents were having fun in it like these are. Memories are all we have that can't be taken from us. Have a good day!!

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