Monday, July 17, 2017

My Dear Cat Baby Marlin has died

If you know me at all you know that we had a sweet lovable Burmese cat named Marlin.  Yesterday would have been his 14th birthday but he died  6 days before.  Even though he was at the vet's often for supposedly allergies,  he had the cancer probably for 3 yrs. If any Vet had sent him to TX A&M Vet school an hour away it would have been detected early enough to save him.They told me it is a common type cancer in cats.

Since my husband's dementia kicked in 3 yrs ago, Marlin has been my constant companion. He went with us when my husband had to go to the hospital, anywhere we went so did Marlin.  I cannot ever tell you the huge loss to me of my little baby cat.  But now I am truly alone since it has been a year or more that my husband has mostly  not rarely even  known me.

His illness is a horrible thing to live through and that is about what we are doing.  Sometimes my husband knows of the changes in his life but mostly he does not.  I do know each day.
It is the most difficult thing I have ever lived through watching this wonderful man go from me.
If I put a lot of love in the cat baby, well it is because of this loss I live each day.  And now he has also been taken from me.
I miss him terribly.

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