Monday, December 24, 2007


Christmas is almost here!!!

My husband James and I stopped this morning on the way to the store to do some last minute shopping.
Just wanted that little extra for the Boys(grandsons who live with us) as this is probably last Christmas we will have them both at home as the oldest is reaching 18 on Dec.27. No time to reflect on what that really means to us yet. I really like that bustle of last minute shopping so I purposely do this every year.

We are not usually open on Mondays but this year since Christmas Eve falls on this day we will open for a few hours for last minute shoppers. I also have a customer who is driving over from Washington-on-the-Brazos to buy a cheval mirror which she put on layaway by phone. She and her family do reinactments and she sells her reproduction clothing at this events so the reason for her buying the mirror. This mirror has a very interesting history. It was originally a prop for the local college drama department. I bought it at a local thrift store. It is about 50 years old. Not a true antique but very interesting item nevertheless. And very large and heavy.

Sometimes we have last minute shoppers for the jewelry items that Wilma carries in her antique store display counter. She carries wonderful costume pieces from 1850 to 1980's with names such as Kramer, Juliana, Weiss, old Czech, handpainted brooches, belt buckles, mourning booches, and so many other items it is hard to mention them all here. She also sells some turquoise items. She rents a booth space from me here.

At this time I have actually 4 dealers who rent space. I have room for one more maybe but
I have so many things I use most of the space for my own things. This building is an old bank.
From the 1880's. It was started by the Gibbs family who still live here in Huntsville when not traveling or visiting one of their other properties in Europe. I bought a document over Ebay which originated in this very bank in 1881 and was signed by the then bank president, one of the Gibbs. A customer is the wife of his great grandson. She keeps trying to buy the document ffrom me for him but I have not talked myself into doing so yet. I will in time I know. As who would have a greater right to it than he. We have named the other rooms of the store after their original function, such as the Vault, which is a large walk in room with 3 feet thick brick walls and shelves everywhere for the money.

So today we have hopes of some sales but if not we are enjoying being here as we have since we went to business after our early retirements from our careers with government. With the federal government you can retire at 55 under the old rules. No longer true for those entering service later after 1982. So we are here and enjoying our new lives working for our own selves.
My favorite thing about the store is decorating the display windows every month with a seasonal theme. This month is a 1800's Christmas theme with fireplace and stockings hung in the main window and the mannequin wearing a deep rose red velvet dress.

I hope to have my pictures posted soon. Theresa of Garden Antiques came by and took some great ones but I have yet to get them transferred. Did you see her latest blog, with friend Marion's house? I can agree with her totally that this house is like a museum in many ways.
Stopped in time. The favorite thing for me was her back porch in the warm months with the white iron bed and all the wonderful white linen. I wanted to take a dive into it it was so inviting.
Marion knows how to decorate. I sold her an old maid's costume a few years back and she had it hanging in her bathroom. It was black with white organdy type treatment at the neck.
Her Christmas displays are truly something you do not usually see, amazing. She should have been in Country Living by now.

Wishing you all a happy Christmas.

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