Thursday, December 20, 2007

Estate Sale last weekend

Last weekend we did an estate sale for a Church friend who is having to move into assisted living. This was terribly hard work since she sold her house the first day of listing and found out she has to be out by Dec. 21. This created a real challenge for us as we are at the store all day then had to go there in the evenings to price the items, and believe me, she had items!!!!
She knew this was not a desirable weekend due to Christmas shopping going on big time, but there was no other choice. So we embarked. I hurt my back the first day and struggled around for the entire week in preparation of the sale. Working at the store all day, pricing in the evenings then sleeping on a heating pad at night. Wow. What a week.
We did manage to do an adequate job for her and just today finished the report and will drop her check off this evening.
We sold some wonderful things there: an English cabinet that had some oriental influence, a square Chippendale type table, tons of c 1900 Silverplate and quadruple plate and sterling, Haviland Parisiana china service for 12 with a very few chips in the whole set, crystal Waterford, early 1900's etched glasses and plates, a Tell City Child's rocker, mirrors, water colors, oils,
some commissioned pieces, some very old jewelry which I will sell in the store here,
and more things than I can or wish to remember. What I am happiest about? It being over.
I tell my husband every time I will never do another estate sale, then someone asks and I do it anyway. For any who do not know, it is very hard work!!
I would like to wish each and every one a very happy Christmas!!!

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