Saturday, February 16, 2008

After the Loving(Valentine's Day)

So now we are into decorating for Easter and Spring. Some of the dealers in my store have started today to bring in their offerings to get us started into Spring decorating. I am waiting until the last week of the month to change out the display windows. WHY? Because my husband hates to help me with that and it is definitely a 2 man job.
We had a great day of sales today partly because other dealers across this part of the state have started coming by to buy for their booths at Roundtop, which is coming up in March. If there is anything you are looking to buy to supply your booths email me and I will try to locate it for you,
or see if any of my dealers have it here.
I also had a call today from a dear friend in Dallas. He always starts off the call with "Do you have any McCoy there in your store?" so I have to guess it is him. We were in another shop together a few years ago and he is my source for pricing when I just don't have a clue. He, George, previously had his own shop in Dallas but is now downsized to a booth at the Main Street Emporium in Trinity Texas with another friend Mike, and Diana who is the owner of the store. If you are in their area look them up. They have some unusual antiques and finds. Diana has the neatest old post office wall of post office boxes that you have to see. Stop in there for some deals on the way to Roundtop or Canton. They are located on Main Street of course.

My poetry for this week is:

What lies behind us
and what lies before
us are tiny matters
compared to what
lies within us

author unknown

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