Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY one and all!!!!!!!
This holiday is time to stop and smell the roses. Get in touch with old friends and new.
Today is for more than just lovers, it is also for our friends.
So what do we think of today?

Some pretty flowers for this day.

Lovers for our special Day. From earlier times.

A pretty table for the Day

This picture of a table set with Ruby flashed on glassware and fruit with some milk glass too
on display here in the store. Chocolates? Yes, always in style.
Poetry for the Day:
I have chosen three different selections for you.

Write your name by kindness,
love and mercy,
upon the hearts of those you come into contact with,
and you will never be forgotten.

May you always be happy,
And live at your ease,
Get a kind husband,
and do as you please.

In the evening of life cherish the remembrance of those who loved thee in its morning.

These verses were all from the Seven Hundred Album Verses published in 1884 by J.S.Ogilvie.
Best of days to you,

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Awe, what a sweet post, Happy Valentine's Day to you and James!!