Saturday, March 1, 2008

March is here!!!!!

Finally, March is here. And you know what that means? Spring is right behind it. I do dearly love springtime. When I die, I know I will die in Winter, trying to hold on for Springtime. The birds are
chirping and the trees are budding out as well as our azaleas. I am grateful for another wonderful Spring.
Last night after closing the store we began decorating the display windows. We had to come in early this morning to finish up but I am certainly glad that is finished. This month we leave our windows the same until June. My husband loves that. This is the only time of the year we can leave them but the reasoning is that March 2 is Texas Independence Day(from Mexico in 1836) and also our local hero Sam Houston's birthday. Then May 3 is the annual Sam Houston Folk Festival and the annual Airing of the Quilts which I previously mentioned in my last post, so we just decorate to include quilts, Sam Houston and Springtime. That solves the whole decorating dilemma. We're safe for about 3 months!!! The mannequin is wearing her c1890 pink linen dress for those who are interested in fashion.

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