Sunday, March 2, 2008


Woodbine Hotel

We spent last night at the Woodbine Hotel in Madisonville which is about 39 miles away.
The kids were away visiting out of town so we took advantage of this one night without
responsibility and made a quick trip for ourselves.

The Woodbine is a 1904 hotel with all the ambiance you would hope for from that era.
I actually felt, after one night there totally refreshed and recharged. Susan is the owner
and she is a wonderful hostess. Our room for the night was the Shapira Suite. It had a
king sized iron bed, high ceilings, Victorian decor and just everything you would want
for a evening in a different century to be.
There is not too much to do in Madisonville. We had to go out for a meal since there was
a private banquet that evening and the dining room was closed and chose the Legends
Steakhouse. It was ok but not as good as I had heard the Woodbine Dining room is. Next
time we will plan a night when there is not a private party going on there.
We did have the B&B breakfast this morning and it was superb. The Chef met us when we
entered the dining room and escorted us to the best seat in the house, in a bay window.
All the decor was high Victorian. We were able to choose from a large menu for the B& B
breakfast, which is very unusual. Most B&B's where we have stayed serve a continential
breakfast for their B&B guests. I chose the waffles and let me tell you they were the best waffles I have ever eaten plus large. I had bacon, coffee(cup with no bottom to it it seemed), fresh sliced fruit, and juice. James chose the 3 egg omelet with all the ingredients he wanted to choose.
Let me tell you it was good. The service in the dining room was excellent also. Before we were done with our meal, Susan had come in several times to refresh my coffee and chat.
There are 8 guest rooms at the hotel.

To get back to nothing to do, the antique shops in that small town with a cute courthouse square have all closed. That being my favorite thing to do, I asked Susan about it and she said you want to open one? I sure would but James would leave me so decided the answer would have to be no to that. She told us of the local Mushroom Festival which is an annual affair and today was to be a Texas Independence celebration. I told her about our upcoming events in Huntsville and she agreed she would share this with all the guests contacting her for reservations.
She has had the hotel since 1999. Front
main lobby about 40 ft
If you want a short restful trip somewhere or a meeting place between Houston and Dallas,
choose the Woodbine Hotel. There is a small bar that is straight out of the speak easy era.
Charming. And Sunday 11am to 2pm is her famous Sunday Brunch. The selection is amazing.

Thanks, Susan for a nice evening away from home in a different time. web site is Shapira Suite(our room for the night) CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE

2 other suites at


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