Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Spring is finally here. I worked in the yard yesterday and got that nice dirt between the fingers and under the nails but had a great sense of accomplishment when all was done. We have bought some new plants this year but they are still sitting in the front waiting to be planted. My husband plans on doing that soon. I planted the smaller things yesterday. I love this time of the year. I can imagine my yard as I would like it to be. Every plant that I put in the ground is a part of a master plan I work and rework every Spring and in the weeks leading us up to Spring and actually planting time. This year we plan to put out another azalea or two or three, also of the pink Formosa variety plus 2 more gardenias, cape jasmine variety. These are the old cemetary bushes that are found in the cemetaries of the South. I love that scent. I cannot wait for my first crop of blooms. Yesterday I planted purple agapanthas, ferns, white Angel trumpets and yellow cannas. These will be in the flower beds surrounding the pergola.
In addition to these, we have yellow Carolina Jessamine for the pergola that was built this past year and purple wisteria also for the pergola. So you can see I have big plans.
But then I have to wait for the harvest of my plantings. I will show a picture when these actually come to fruition.

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