Friday, March 28, 2008

Roundtop/Warrenton Antique shows in progress

Old Carriage at Zapp Hall Antique show

If it isn't at Roundtop or Warrenton or one of the other shows currently going on in that area, then I doubt you could find the item anywhere on earth. It is more than a day's shopping for sure. Sometimes hot sometimes cool and sometimes rainy.
You will not want to miss the kolaches made locally. Wonderful fruit pastries.

One of my dealers who is at the Roundtop Antique Show actually has her booth set up at Zapp Hall in nearby Warrenton. She has a blog also at Garden Antiques Vintage. Her booth must be wonderful as she has the greatest imagination of anyone I know. She travels all over Texas attending shows, sales and estate sales or whatever beckons to her from the road. This is Theresa for those who haven't already guessed. I keep telling her she has a future as a roving reporter for blogs about vintage stuff.
I wanted to remind you all to check out her blog for dates she will be there at the Roundtop shows.

Also to remind you all that the first weekend in May is a special time here in Huntsville when we have two major events: first the Sam Houston Folk Festival and the second Airing of the Quilts. See my earlier post about that.

If you want phone numbers for the B&B's here check out the chamber of commerce's web site.
Or email me.

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Lois, missed visiting with you, but I'm back now...had a blast at the show will have to fill you in and took 100's of pics, it will literally probably take me over a week to post all that I have to. Had to play catch up since I'm been out a week. Talk to you soon, hope all goes well today, Theresa