Saturday, April 12, 2008

June 14, 2008 Saturday Flag Day Classic Car Show and other events on Downtown Square in Huntsville

See our ad in Parker's Antique News next month.
It's the 1950's again on the Square in Huntsville

Do not forget the Flag Day Classic Car Show sponsored by the Huntsville Antiques Dealers Association here in Huntsville. We will start with a Parade down University Avenue from the College to the downtown courthouse square.
Then the classic cars from 2 to 3 local car clubs will be displayed around the square all day.

At 11 am yours truly will be narrating a 1950's Style Show. The models will be local talent plus the car club entrants wearing their own costumes which they also wear to show their cars.

My line-up at this show will be:
First, I will start off with a group of models wearing business attire for the 50's.
A man in suit and tie of the decade, a woman in Secretary attire.
The second group will be models wearing Hawaiian or leisure items with a western clad model and followed by two girl models wearing Squaw dresses as they were called in the 50's without being politically correct at all.
Our next group of models will be wearing the best of 1950's poodle skirts and their boyfriends in letter jackets and jeans. Look out for the little girl in poodle skirt since she is my niece, Allyssa.
We go on from there with the Prom extravaganza. There will be several models with 1950's prom dresses and their escorts in dinner jackets.
Following that I have several other ideas still working for little girls and boys in their Easter dresses and shorts providing I can get models the appropriate ages and sizes.
The finale is a wedding scene with the bride and groom both in 50's dress. Her dress is long 1950's ivory gown and veil and his a 1950's tux outfit. I do hope I can find models in these sizes I will need for the extensive inventory of 1950's (AND OTHER eras too).

I am looking for Elvis and Marilyn Monroe impersonators as well for the ending of the Style Show.

Elvis in an early appearance and Marilyn Monroe in the famous white halter dress.


There will be a booth selling hot dogs and cokes and a DJ playin
g 50's music all day. There will be games and Jitterbug dancers. It looks to be a big lineup of events scheduled for this day. Hope you will come join us for the fun.

American Bandstand dancers from the 50's

Quotation for today: " I could not, at any age, be content to take my place by the fireside and simply look on." Eleanor Roosevelt

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