Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Classic Car Show and 50's Event held Saturday

Shown above is the gazebo stage where all activities for the day were conducted from including the style show in the first picture and in the second is the parade of models showing the old cars on this side of the Courthouse Square.
Saturday was a fun, hot day for all of us involved in the Flag Day event here on the Square in Huntsville. This was the first attempt to put on such an event and we learned allot. We did not have the crowds we had hoped for, however, we got on the map so next year we will have more advertising. I found out that national magazines require about 4 months lead time to get your event advertised in their magazines.
The Style Show was my assignment for the event. I had planned for 20 models and 13 showed up of the 20 so that was not too bad considering this was Father's Day weekend and many students had gone home for the weekend.

Leisure apparel group wearing clothing that was worn by people in the 50's--left, in turquoise printed halter dress is Alli, next is Drew wearing a maroon bowling shirt. He is only 9 years old but was wearing rolled up jeans and had his hair slicked back in duck tail hairstyle. He was also carrying a (plastic) bowling ball. He did a fantastic job. And next to him is Sarah wearing a pink and gray sun dress.

The models at the style show also received first and second place ribbons in two categories, adult and child. Remember all the clothes belonged to me and are sold here in my antique store in the clothing boutique.
This picture below is of my sister Deb, niece Hope and her daughter Alyssa, in their poodle skirts outfits. 3 generations. Alyssa is my favorite great-niece. Next to them is Virginia's red TBird. The classic and antique cars were parked on two sides of the courthouse.

Below is a strolling Marilyn Monroe model taking her own good time getting to the gazebo.
I actually had to stall for about 5 minutes to allow her to take her walk of fame. She did a great job of playing Marilyn. She is really a tall redhead. Her name is Sonja. Took some nerve to wear this dress and wig. But she was cool in more than one way in her costume. People have asked that next year they be allowed to take pictures "with" Marilyn. There was also an Elvis impersonator but he arrived very late. He entertained with singing at the gazebo later in the day. He also does this professionally. Our DJ did a fantastic job playing 50's music all day and narrating. I narrated the style show only.

To the right are the poodle skirted ladies. Madison is to the left in yellow or golden poodle skirt. She is 11 and the daughter of a lady named Janet who has booths in two of the antique stores in town. Madison was very professional especially for an 11 year old. I think she has a career ahead as a real model if she chooses to pursue it.

There were many old classic cars in the Show and we awarded 6 first place trophies and 6 second place trophies. Each antique store who were the planners of this event awarded a first and second place trophy based on their own favorites in the Show. My store chose a 1927 International pickup and a 1927 Buick. My husband was in charge of this judging. The 1927 International pickup truck belongs to a local woman who said her father fixed the truck up for her to drive to high school about 30 years ago. He was a mechanic. I thought it was the very best vehicle in the entire show. Will add pictures of these cars when I receive them.

This segment was for prom apparel and included 2 prom dressed models, Sarah and Savannah and John, the main street office Intern for the summer in the white 50's dinner jacket. There is another shot of him with guitar playing "Buddy Holly". (There were two Sarahs modeling today) Below another shot of Marilyn center stage. We all had fun this day but the extreme Texas heat got to us fast. It was about 93 and we were on stage at 11 am. The sun directly in my face.
I was wearing a 1950's yellow Hawaiian shirt and 1950's panama hat with pink ribbon. I am behind the podium at the right of Marilyn. Thanks for letting us share our day with you.

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