Thursday, July 24, 2008

July almost gone

The summer film festival begins July 25 here at the Old Town Theater in downtown Huntsville. This is sponsored every year by Huntsville Main Street office. There are 4 movies beginning with II Postino and later Monsoon Wedding, Jaws, and Casablanca.
Movies begin at 8pm with exception of Jaws which is a matinee at 1pm. Check out the Main Street website for individual movie times.

Recognition: One of our antique store owners, Kathleen Nichtmann was recognized as a business woman in the area by the Huntsville Item(local newspaper) along with a few others. She was a leader in promoting the antiques shops and also conducts the annual Huntsville Antique Show and Sale at the fairgrounds which is visited by antiques lovers from all over the US in Sept. of the year. Don't miss it this year!!!!


Where has this month gone? Wow.
We have not had any rain yet from Hurricane Dolly here in Huntsville but expect some today.
We need it for sure here where it has been dry for a while. Our part of Texas needs lots of rain to keep our forests alive. Not to mention my geraniums.
We have had so many deer in our yard this year. We seem to be running a deer day care as the mothers leave their fawns in our yard throughout the day and return for them later before night.
At one time this week we had 6 baby fawns in the side yard. We really enjoy watching them. Our subdivision had enacted a law that you can no longer feed them. We had previously put out deer corn for them as had many others in the subdivision. I do not agree with the ban on feeding but have to follow it anyway. However, the deer seem to enjoy several of my plantings such as hostas and geraniums. Each morning when I start to leave for work and step out on the front porch all the recent flowers have been snipped off the flowers on the steps. Oh well, I enjoy the deer so much that this is ok with me. They do not harm the actual plant, jut taking the floral part. And it returns.
Will try to get some pics of these baby deer for this blog.
So what is next for the store? As many of you have mentioned the economy has hurt us badly as we depend on tourists mainly for our sales. Travelers have dwindled down to only a few a week coming through. I still have many buyers from those who show at the antiques show in Roundtop. 2 weeks ago Carolyn Westbrook stopped in on her way to lunch with a local friend.
I wanted to get her to autograph the book I had of hers but could not find it at the time so she graciously said she would return on her way out of town to see if I had located it by then, and I did and she did.
There are 6 antique stores in Huntsville at present. Some dealers from other areas have told me they have had lots of closures in their area. Hope this economy turns around. Like I have said before here, I do not have to depend on this as my income and for that I am eternally grateful.
I have slacked off auctions and estate sales for now. I will wait it out.
Thanks for all your support.

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