Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas time

Some scenes from the store here.
Left ironstone in the jelly cupboard.

Crinolines from 1800's Some of the Black white and French items in store this year:

Clocks to far rightI love this little Shepherd and sheep painting.

I love this time of year, usually. This year I seem to be dragging behind. Or dragging my behind whichever it is. I had surgery recently for basil cell carcinoma and today was the post-op visit with the plastic surgeon, Dr.Berzen. If you need a plastic surgeon call him up in Houston. He is fun and smart, what more could you want in a Dr.? My own Dr. referred me to him and he kept us laughing the first visit until we were totally won over. He is real.
But I had surgery and they were successful. Now I am ready to move into the Christmas season this year full force. And make up for lost time. Luckily while I
still had bandages on, my grand daughter, Leah came and took me to the mall
to help buy some gifts. She knew what she wanted of course as she always does,
and we had Danielle along who is the girlfriend of Leah's brother, Larry. I had already bought something for the youngest grandson, Chris. So now I buy all these gifts for these above and that narrows the list of shopping I have to do.
I am grateful for having kids who know their minds!!!
Saves time and returns.
Anyway, here I am working late since some of the antiques stores here in town decided to stay open late one night a week, Thursday until 7 for late shoppers.
I must say it is not profitable. At least so far and we are less than a week away from Christmas today.
There are some interesting people who come in later like this that we seldomly see during regular business hours. For instance, right now my husband is speaking with a girl from a local shelter who was at a nearby thrift store shopping and saw our lights and open doors and came in to see things her grandma had had in her childhood. That is nice. We open doors to memories. People love to relive those times. We know she will probably never buy anything from us but let her browse
and remember better times for her. My husband can talk for hours to anyone who comes in with the time.
This time of year we slow down. We listen more. We show sympathy more. We smile more. That is good!!! Things we should do all year, and would certainly improve our health if we did. Smiling heals.
It is already dark. People do not think of the Square for night time shopping.
They do not think of us this time of year generally. They head to the Malls,
Wal-Mart and Target. Some very special ones do come. They are after a more gentle time. We offer service while Mall stores are just trying to help as many as they can.
Come visit with us. We will show you our Museum of memories. We will listen.
We have many ideas for Christmas gifts that are slightly different than what you find at the Mall.
Merry Christmas to all, Lois


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