Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November Day

Today is a dreary November day and there are few people out on the Square here in Huntsvillle. The music is playing here in the store and seems only James and I are here to hear it. I ran down the street to visit with some other store owners earlier. When it is slow we do that. Some mornings Kat and I from the antique store on the other end of my block meet in the middle and talk. That is a benefit of a small town.
I recently had a birthday and it was one of the nicest ones ever for me. The kids met us in the Woodlands and had dinner. This was their first year to be able to afford to take us out for dinner so it was special to them as well. They are all growing up. Even Chris has just turned 17 and Leah and Larry are both grown. Also included in the party besides James and I were Leah and her husband Josh and 2 kids Lane and Jayleigh, as well as Larry and his girlfriend Danielle, and Chris. I did lots of people watching at our table, enjoying the scene of them dividing the check, and figuring the tip on their cell phones. They were so busy they did not notice me watching them while they did all this. A milestone for them and should have gone in their baby books.
Leah recently lost everything from her own baby book as well as those of her kids when their house was destroyed in Hurricane Ike. Three trees went into it. They had chosen this lot and house for all the trees and then the trees turned on them in the hurricane.
We were blessed that they had gone to her mother in laws where they had a generator to keep the baby formula cool.
So no one was hurt but they lost almost everything. They demolished the house this past week and now the rebuilding will begin soon with them hopefully back in the house in about 4 months. They had only paid the second payment on the house when it was destroyed.
But even so, all are well and houses can be rebuilt and possessions accumulated again. All is well.
Last Friday I had a great visit with my friend Joy from Austin and her family. Got to see her two granddaughters which I had not seen. They, Kiera and Alexa are in the picture above below those of my two grandbabies Lane and Jayleigh.
Wonderful to visit with friends!!!
I also got to attend the wedding of my nephew Kevin to a sweet and lovely girl, Denise on Saturday in Austin.
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