Thursday, January 8, 2009


Valentine's Day is a special day for lovers, partners, and friends alike. I used to give my children a Valentine card as well.

I remember how we celebrated Valentine's Day in my school as a child. The class would decorate
a box with special paper or cards for this special day in advance. There would be a slot in the top
for us to place the Valentine cards in the tiny envelopes for our friends. I always had a card for every student in my class and this is not just so no one would feel left out, but so the one I really liked would not know it!!!!! But I knew I had given one to the object of my affection at the time.

It was just not done to let them know you liked them in my day in elementary school.
You also had to place the Valentines cards in the slot hopefully when no one was around
so this involved arriving in class early the day you brought your cards. All cards in the
Valentine Box and then the class had a party. We looked forward to this day for weeks.
Refreshments were provided by the Room Mothers. This always consisted of cookies,
usually in heart shapes, and punch. There were dainty napkins with hearts on them.
During this little party, the teacher opened the Valentine box
and cards were handed out by name. As your name was called you went forward to
accept the card in the little envelopes. This was nerve-wracking as you wanted to be
recognized often enough to show you were popular but all the while hoping for one from
that special object of your affection.

All cards handed out, each one spent a little time
reviewing your cards. Then cards were set aside for taking home and refreshments were served. This is how we celebrated Valentine's Day in my elementary school.

Did I receive a card from the object of my affection? Probably not. Maybe a generic
card like he gave the rest of the class and I was not recognized as special to him. I was
not a popular girl in those days. I was so shy that it is a wonder I ever looked a boy
square in the eye. I would have died an early death if he knew I liked him.

How much easier was it when I was older and got to concentrate on that one boy?
Not much easier for sure. Now at this time you had to sneak a card into his car or
leave it on his desk for that class. And you certainly did not give a card to a boy unless
you were absolutely certain he liked you and gave you a card first. I laugh now at how
forward girls are when I think back on my worries in those days. That was the 60's
and just prior to big time changes in this country and elsewhere in regards to how girls
acted, dressed and lived.

Today I am certainly glad to have one man that I know loves me and only me and I can buy his Valentine card without all that worry of does he love me or does he not. I am married to a good and handsome man that I love to spend time with. I am glad to no longer have to hide how
I feel like I did as a young girl. I can love openly and lavishly. I can tell anyone anytime that I love him.
I wish you the same happiness on Valentine's Day and any other day.

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