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Antique clothing

Antique and vintage clothing from my boutique in the antique store here.
I have items from 1850 through 1960's.
To the right is the mannequin Maxine
wearing a Gay 90's outfit with hat. To the side is a 1900 lt brown dress and same era black feather boa.

The pastel pink dress is c 1880. It is in great condition as well. I try to purchase only items that are wearable and displayable. I hate to say that many people come in here and think they are in Walmart and jerk at these wonderful old items with no care at all. I have had several antique one of a kind silk dresses that have been ruined here in the store and for that I am so sorry since they truly cannot be replaced.
These people are part of the disposable generation, I guess although it is not an age thing for sure as many of my college student shoppers are very careful handling these items. I cringe though sometimes when the rough riders come in.

2 1950 kids dresses below with small dresser and chest and other kids toys.

Camisole with green 1920's fringed dress

1950 pink party dress with 1940's green floral dress probably made from feed sacks.
Somewhere on here is a red white and blue 2 pc Patriotic striped dress from 1900 and boater hat.

To right is a 1950's Lavern and Shirley type cardigan sweater with initial "C" I believe. The yellow and brown floral party dress is from the 1930's and beautiful. Small size.
Down here below somewhere is a black antique swimsuit.

c 1912 Titanic type dress of white lawn to the right when I was typing this. I have several of these c 1900-1919 dresses and sets of the white lawn material.

I have lots of emails asking me about my vintage/antique clothing in the store so wanted to take a few minutes of your time to show you just a small selection of these wonderful items.
Please forgive that my pictures do not line up as they started out. I am not a professional photographer.

Near the top is a pair of early Maid's costumes. One is c 1890 and one is c 1920. They are unusually complete. Ready for a mystery play or whatever you can think of.
Below to the left is a 1950 Faux leopard coat. It also is in like new condition, although it is over 50 years old now. Marilyn would step right into it and never know how long it has laid in someone's attic before coming here. With it is a navy 1910 silk dress. It is truly a great example of a dressmaker's skill.

In the middle of this section are two early camisole or corset covers.
Click on any pictures to enlarge. Do not copy my pictures.Pink 1920's dress and straw hat with flapper beads.
Also somewhere in this listing with so many pictures is a grouping of white 1850 to 1920 pieces of lingerie.

Old Umbrellas from 1800 to early 1900
on top of a wardrobe. One is Victorian. It is cloth on the inside and paper on the outside.

1930's hat and Victorian shawl on mannequin below. I love the decorative pin on the front with fringe hanging in her face. Scattered throughout the post should be other 1950's prom dresses of various colors, I have 2 pink, 1 white, 1 black, 1 yellow and 1 green at present. They are all good condition but of very small sizes for the most part.

On the top of this entire entry is a pink floral c 1890's dress which consists of overskirt, underskirt and jacket type blouse. It is beautiful. All you can see in this photo is the skirt but the rest is just as beautiful. I have many many more items from 1850 through 1960's.
I have original go go boots and other items from the hippy days as well. Anything you might need for a costume party wearing original items and not these cheesy costumes you see for sale. Of course these are a little more expensive in most cases but have shown they can last from year to year. That is my feeling of course since I love anything antique for it's lasting so long. It is truly a beautiful thing to me.

Also scattered somewhere here you will see Victorian lace up white boots and an old traveling case also white. AND some old crinolines and hoops of the Victorian age. I also have several crinolines from the 50's for wearing under those prom dresses and Lucy looking dresses in the shop here. Not shown is a c 1850 white or ivory now ballgown. It is some worn but hey, it is old enough to show some wear. Kids from the college come in to photograph it for their design classes.

I also have but not shown here 3 screen worn dresses from early Western movies that have certificates from the movie studios, one being worn in Little House on the Prairie TV series. I wish I could photograph them all.
A shelf in the clothing area below
An old train case to the right. Click on it to see more.

Prom dresses from the 50's below and left and right (hopefully).

3 kids items below from early 1900-20's. These are mostly white with trim.

2 1950's poodle skirts, with accessories. At current time I have 7 poodle skirts from 50's.
Also cardigans and those sheer nylon shirts.
At the top of page is a World War I Soldier uniform and hat. It is in near-perfect condition with jacket, shirt, pants(all wool), hat, helmet, belt buckle, dog tags, bindings for legs and leggings.
Also have a WW I document box and bugle, and wool covered canteen. In addition to this, I have many old and antique men's clothing items as well. C 1904 tuxedo with tails, vest, and pants and tie. Also, 1920's and 1940's, 1950's tuxs and some suits from 20's up to 40's. There are also some newer ones from 60's.
A small picture shows a c 1900 pink dress.

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