Saturday, March 7, 2009

Slow Saturday at the store

HAPPY SPRING TO EACH OF YOU!!!!! Well, it is almost here.
We are having spring weather already and feel sorry for those of you who are not.
Spring Break is here in our local schools and college. Pack your bags if you can get away and come to see us!!!!

Today is so slow that I am playing on the computer since I have no customers right now.
That is ok except we are here to sell and that is not happening. I am dreaming of decorating the store for Spring and Easter. Started today but ran into a road block when the camera did not cooperate so cannot put any newer pics on for now.
The above shot of the hen and egg and booklet from the 30's reminded me of dying eggs for Easter. I always did that when my kids were young and stopped when they left the house.
But recently they asked "Where are the Easter eggs?" so I decided to start that up again.
We all enjoy eating hardboiled dyed eggs until we don't want anymore until the next year. My husband is the exception to this, he will not eat any. He is a health nut. He does not feel one should eat that many eggs and he is strong enough willed not to. Not me.

The Sperry Seed box is here in the store and I have 3 smaller ones as well. I love the screens that are behind this one but they do not really show up in this picture. They are from an old
Victorian house in Groveton TX that was owned by the Magee family for whom my store is named. The story of that is in one of my earlier posts. I love old things. Even if they are rusty, torn, or battered I still love them. I think it is my own personal challenge to save them.

Same with this old shabby oil painting of roses. It has a chipped and battered frame but is something I loved very much. However, while I was on my only week off this year so far,
the lady working for me sold it. I was heart broken when I returned and it was missing.
I had put a high price on it thinking no one but me would love it and lo and behold they bought it right out from under me. WHILE I WAS SLEEPING ALMOST. Goodbye old friend!!! I hope you are loved for yourself and not your pretty gesso frame.

Here are some other things in this store which I love and are not perfect. Like many of us.

To the right is an old print of woman and child with cows. It appears French from the house also in the picture. It is wrinkled and worn but something I look forward to seeing each time I come into my store. It is up for adoption only to a worthy person who promises never to restore it.

To the left is my angel print I bought from a man who has a reconstructed old general store in California. He apologized for the condition of it but said it was too beautiful to destroy and I totally agree. It will never be sold. It has no price on it. Not even going to take a chance on Bette selling it next time I am gone for a day. NO WAY!!!!

To the right is an old worn white cabinet I bought at a local auction and no one else seemed to appreciate it's time proven beauty. I use it to store McCoy and USA pottery.

The red and white transferware china
from England and the red ruby glass
are favorites and enjoyed the front table attention during Valentine's recently.
The red boots I use every Spring in my display windows but this time did not for some reason so have shown them here. Don't they make you want to be in the garden?

To the right is an old chalk dog draped with pearls on the dresser in the antique clothing room. He is chipped and paint off in places but still on guard duty.

This is an old book called Nature's Garden from c 1900. Behind it is a terrarium or Wardian box with an owl. Next to that is an old box filled with a selection of ink wells.

This shot is of a corner of the white store cabinet that holds old tins and boxes from the 1900 to 1930 era. I have about 20 or more old tins at the current time. All for sale.

To the right is my version of the family tree.

Anyway, you see how much I can get into when it is slow here. I have already re-arranged several things in the store and my husband went to Farmhouse Cafe next door to get me a piece of Berry Forest Pie which is homemade there on the site. WOW. It is wonderful. Whipped cream on top too. So stop by and let's go get you some pie too.

Some reminders: Coming up May 2, 2009 is the annual Airing of the Quilts here in downtown Huntsville on the courthouse square. We expect over 5000 to attend even on a bad day. Quilts are hung from all the buildings to "air" and there are master quilters, booths selling quilting or sewing or related items, as well as food. There is entertainment galore and prizes. See an earlier blog for more info and pictures. We love this tradition here!!!!!!
You can also eat lunch at the Gibbs-Powell Antebellum Museum house that day and feel like Scarlet. They are needing a new roof and have these luncheons as fundraisers. The cost is low for lunch and the menu is something southern. You are served in the original dining room.
The same weekend is the annual Sam Houston Folklife Festival on the museum grounds adjacent to Sam Houston University. There is so much to see and do there.
Come on down if you aren't otherwise busy that weekend and see how Huntsville welcomes you!!! As our City Main Street Manager has said: "There is no place like this place anywhere."
It is true. We have to compete with Roundtop Antiques Show and Fair in the nearby area held the same time.
See you I hope,

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