Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is my yard today!!!! I thought it would never come again but here it is in the glory of Springtime, although a little early according to the calendar. I am showing my front yard in first shot with the azaleas in full bloom.
In front of this group of azaleas you see my old green shabby bench bought at auction.
Next another view of the front.

I am quite taken every year with springtime. Seems to me God's renewal of the earth has come and the show is amazing. The woods are alive with dogwood trees every where we look. The redbuds are also out there. Along the drive to work each morning we have been seeing bluebonnets. I can't wait each day to see what new has been added to this wonderful palet of colors.
Below you see the back yard view. Not as much action yet but still clearly see the azaleas starting their show.
And to the right is my swing which gives much enjoyment during the months we can use it.
Which does not include part of the summer when the mosquitoes are bad. We have a bug zapper back there but it is helpless with all the bugs we get. Even during the daytime it is bad. We have several lakes nearby. The grass is dead still in most of this area. This is where my herb garden is going as soon as I can get someone to come and set up the raised beds. Another dream at this point. Behind the hedge is my pet cemetary
where my three cats are buried: Ted, Sissy and Crybaby or Sasquatch as he was properly named but renamed Crybaby by my Mom who said he cried all the time. Siamese do that to talk to you.
I still miss them.
But this is the part of the back yard with room for development and dreams.
Soon, I say. Check back with me later on in this year to see if this dream did come true.

And a reading from my favorite small book:

There is many a rest on the road of life,
If we only would stop to take it.
And many a tone from the better land,
If the querulous heart would wake it.
To the sunny soul that, full of hope,
And whose beautiful trust ne'er faileth,
The grass is green and the flowers are bright,
Though the wintry storm prevaileth.

Taken from the Seven Hundred Album Verses
c 1889

I wish you a lovely springtime and Easter.

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GardenGirl said...

Beautiful site, It's fun to find kindred spirits!

Happy Spring!
Debi Bock
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