Thursday, March 26, 2009

Theresa's Blog Party March 29, 2009 Warrenton Roundtop Antique Show and Sale

We're getting ready for our trip to Roundtop/Warrenton this weekend.
Theresa of Garden Antiques Vintage is already there and will be
hosting a blog party on Sunday, March 29 from 2 pm to 9 pm
at her booth at Zapp Hall. There will be a book signing by
Sue Whitney for her new book "Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition".
I cannot wait to meet some of the other bloggers there as well as check out the wares the sellers are showing.
We will be staying at least one night at the Ant Street Inn in Brenham, which is a lovely hotel in the center of Brenham, the nearest large size town to Roundtop/Warrenton Antique Show.
I am still working on my costume for the Blog Party. I do not think I can hold it in long enough to wear one of the 1950's prom dresses I have here in the store for sale, so may have to go more western. These dresses always seem to be size 0 or 1 or 2 max. Gave my boots away recently because I did not wear them enough and my daughter did. She was always borrowing them so I finally said here keep them.
I dressed the mannequin yesterday in Rodeo clothes since our County Fair and Rodeo begins tonight with a parade through downtown beginning at 7. I have had a surge of people asking if we had any old cowboy boots in the past 2 weeks. Have sold all I did have here in the vintage clothing section and of course, given away my personal ones. Sold an old 1950's fringed suede jacket yesterday. So western stuff must be hot in this area.

Anyway, my husband recently shaved his moustache after having it since he was 30. I have never known him without it. It was neat and really gave him a great look. I thought so or would not have married him 16 years ago. Well, he grew it to look older and shaved it thinking it would make him look younger. WRONG. A couple of people told him it made him look younger so he was really happy and refused to have one again. Along with me saying he needed it was our friend Sue, my cousin Lisa and my aunt Arlene. Finally he has decided to grow it again and we are in the second day of growing it out. Looks real bad at this stage. His current daily costume since retiring consists of tan slacks or shorts with a Hawaiian shirt. He has about 14 at this time. So I am sure he will go Hawaiian to the blog party. Below is the two of us and hard to see but he is wearing his moustache which I have always liked. I realize now it is gone that I fell in love with a man with a moustache and that is how I like him best.

To the left is earlier picture at 35 or so when he grew a moustache and right is later when we were first married 16 years ago. He did look older but more distinguished I think. Well some years happened in between the 2 pics as you can tell. What do you think? NO current pic of the without view, but you can tell he looks good with it!!!! At least I think so.Let me know what you think I should wear to the Blog party at Roundtop. A too-tight prom dress or borrowed-back boots and comfortable Chicos jeans and jacket with my wonderful turquoise jewelry which I rarely get to wear or my always favorite 1920's CZECH jewelry which I wear most of the time. I also have a good selection of CZECH 20's jewelry for sale here in the store if you are ever up this way check it out. I do have a Chicos western shirt too.You will be surprised at what I wear when you see me on Theresa's blog if she catches me in the pictures she will most assuredly take. She must even take her camera to bed with her and to the ladies room and even Church as she is always taking pictures. Don't tell her I said that, ok? If you do not know Theresa look her up. She is constantly smiling and happy. She is a great friend to ask about things such as blogs, picture taking and antique shows.
So do not miss this Roundtop antique show if you have the opportunity to go to Roundtop and Warrenton and La Bahia and all those little TX towns in the middle of the bluebonnets.

Then, after this catch us here in Huntsville for the annual Airing of the Quilts on May 3 and the Sam Houston Folk Festival on May 1-3 at the Museum grounds here.
Good antiquing,

Folk Festival---left

Airing of the Quilts-right

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