Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Spring and Easter to each of you!!!!

Spring brings Easter and the time to reflect on what this means to us if we have not already been reflecting and holding it in our hearts all year as we should. The store is decorated for Easter now with pinks and greens everywhere in the form of eggs and bunnies and chicks, but I always reserve the front window for the true meaning of Easter with an old oil of Jesus and the stations of the cross. It is impossible to get a picture of this display since the glare is too much for a good picture. But I will show a few of the arrangements that appear on tables and cabinets here inside.

My kids still like dyed eggs even though grown now. I try to do this still at Easter for them. Who else would?
Mothers never go off duty no matter the kids ages.
My family will be coming to our house for Easter
dinner or luncheon. We usually eat a little earlier to allow everyone to get back home before traffic gets bad. Time will be short but just getting to have them all together is worth it.
The older I get the more I can understand how much my parents loved having us all home especially at one time. Those times become rare when the grandkids start getting to be teenagers and complain about having to leave their friends at home. But this is our time together and we will hold them close to us as long as possible.
The following is an old Easter poem that I like and would like to share with you:

As Easter breathes hope for a joyous tomorrow
E'en out of the depths of despair,
So may this day banish from you every sorrow
And make you feel free as the air.

While hearing grand anthems that swell to the sky,
And breathing sweet lilies' perfume,

May you feel assured that your soul will not die
As life does not end in the tomb.
unknown writer

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