Saturday, April 4, 2009

Warrenton/Roundtop Antique Show and Sale

Early on Sunday morning, March 29 my husband and I headed out for Roundtop/Warrenton Antique Shows. The weather was strange, windy, cold and later in the day it was almost hot.
I was very excited since I had missed the last 2 shows. With a full time job running my antique store I do not often get to see the booths set up by other dealers and enjoy the results of their hard work. I do not have the energy left in me to do what they do.
We spent most of the day at Zapp Hall in Warrenton which is my favorite anyway but one reason we were there this particular day was for Theresa's blog party and the book signing by Sue Whitney for her new book, JUNK BEAUTIFUL, OUTDOOR EDITION. We were not the only ones from Huntsville who were there, also were Bette, Marion, and us at the start of it, in addition to Theresa and her husband Cruz. Her husband had built the booth for Sue to sit, sell books and sign those books.
Here I am to the right with Sue in her little special booth. I am on the left and she on the right. She is the slim one. Theresa's booth was very clever as well with a pretty table display of eggs and moss and I do not think I got a picture of this but
I am sure she will have one on her blog.

Some shots of the blog party at the beginning:
Theresa below in picture on right. Wearing the blue shirt and plaid shorts. Always a smile for everyone. That is Theresa. In the second row on right is Cruz, her wonderful husband. Man in blue and white Hawaiian shirt with silver hair is my husband James. Shown with Marion who is a genius with decorating and primitive style. You should see her house to know what I mean here.

Man in the white hat and tee is Theresa's husband Cruz. Always smiling. After the blog party kicked off we wandered around to various other booths which you can see below. This one caught my eye.
And this bed was heavenly. Made you want to dive right in.

We also visited the booth of Carolyn Westbrook. Hers is always one of my favorites and I cannot wait to see what she has done with white. All shades of white and black. It is something!!! She even dresses in shades of white. I asked her to take a picture with me and she is always very kind to do things like that. When she came to my store months ago, I could not find one of her
books which I wanted her to sign and she made another trip back to the store after other business in town was completed to see if I had fo
und it and as I had she signed it for me. I was won over by her act of going the extra for her book buyers.

Got around to the Junk Gypsys booth and posed next to their van. Their booth was next door. Will try to add pic of that one. Lost in my pics somewhere.
Overall this day was great and I would like to thank Theresa for including us. It was also good to spend a little time with other friends from our town and meet many others. I recognized their blog names but not their faces. Food was great too.

After this we went on to La Bahia to see what they had this year. I like the atmosphere there for some reason. It is in an old German dance hall which is painted white. Across the highway is an old abandoned farm. I tried to get a picture of the old original dovecote at this farm but it was just too far.
We have 2 doves at home and I have been dreaming of a dovecote to entice them to stay with us.
Some of the displays at La Bahia.

I did not take many pictures of the indoor exhibits here as these architectural items hold my interest. But inside the man with the zillion pieces of blue and white china was there again. Wonderful antique pieces of all names and brands. I had bought from him before I had the store when I was only obsessing on my own collecting of blue and white transferware.
Also the person who sells the beautiful European white linen items was there again. I could spend hours in her booth but husband was ready to move on. Linens do not appeal to him and he had been good long enough.
We were there when it was not too busy so there was no waiting to see what you wanted to see.

To the right is the man of whom I was speaking, my husband James who would rather look at old wagons which were strewn around the grounds than European white linen. He is very supportive of my dreams mostly.
Except for a dovecote,
Except for a greenhouse/sun room,
Except for a herb garden,
Except I want too much. Right?
He is very good to me so what do I have to gripe about. I can live dovecote-less, sunroom-less,
and herbgarden-less if I have to.

Speaking of angels, this booth at La Bahia was the best of show for La Bahia I thought. Do not know to whom it belonged, no one was there. But this is best thought out booth, the prettiest of all there.I had a comment that gave me the name of the booth and it is Seed Box Antiques. Wonderful job and thanks for the comment letting me know who did this work.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

So glad ya'll came out to the blog party. Please try and make this a semi-annual event. Happy Easter to you and James, Theresa

Dr. V.@Amy's Environmental Adventures said...

That booth at La Bahia belonged to Brian & Meloney Russell from The Seed Box Antiques. I loved their booth as well and enjoyed talking with Brian. They were just featured in Country Sampler. Here is there web address: