Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is a very important time in our history. This is the time we have to stand up for what we believe. Throughout most of my life I have been able to drift along and
things were taken care of without a lot of effort on my part. As I see things today, we have to each and every day take a stand for our country and for our God who let us stand this long and let us stand this tall. Taller than most nations.
Today, we have people and countries continuing to threaten what we stand for, which has always been God and freedom to worship as we wish. We let these chip away at our freedoms. We let the ACLU work against us instead of for us. We have become complacent, we have become lazy, and we have become easy to manipulate by the media.
This is what I see. This is why I feel it is time to voice my opinion. We did not get to this place in the world on our own without lots of knee bending and prayer to God and not to any earthly king.
We must continue to look to Him for our answers instead of movie idols, movie idol type politicians and people who possess more money than honesty.
So thanks for letting me have the soapbox during this time of celebrating our country's history and independence. Long may we be the nation of freedom. And a nation UNDER GOD.
Today I started out to talk about hot dogs, apple pie and my heart took a different turn.
Happy Fourth of July,