Friday, July 17, 2009

Anniversary Getaway for Two

My bags are packed waiting by the door and we are ready to escape for 4 days alone to celebrate our anniversary. No kids, no dog, no house and no work for 4 whole days. I cannot quite bring myself to leave the cell phone home though. Someone may need me. I am totally locked to that phone.

I feel almost like I did when we went away when we married. This was not our first marriage but was the most important one since it was one I knew what I was doing. This man I chose with an adult mind knowing all the trials and problems that can attack a marriage. This one I chose knowing full well that the other had been at too early an age and without long knowledge of the groom to be. I learned through bad experiences though and this time I was ready to choose the man of my heart and dreams with my feet firmly on the ground.
This is why I chose James. He is dependable, responsible, and to quote an old Country song, he knew his part. He is handsome too. That never hurts. I am in as much love if not more than the day we said our vows, 17 years ago. Of course there are days when I need some quiet time in my own space and he honors that. He knows me. He lets me be me with no restrictions. He loves me anyway. That is what I would wish for each of you. Enough of that, let's get on with the plans for the escape.

"My happiness depends so much on
What you do!!
I never guess it would be so,
I never knew.

It was to be my own to make,
Or go without--
My happiness, now you can take
A fear, a doubt
A sudden frown, a pout,
And put my gladness out.

My happiness depends on you.
So please, be careful what you do!"
by Mary Carolyn Davies

We will leave here early Sunday morning. We have some stops on the way to check on certain ones who needs some encouragement and extra love before my conscience can let me have fun without guilt. This is how I am. James understands that part of me now.
It has always been in my makeup.

My friend Bette is working the store for me during these few days away. She is great here since she has owned a couple of antique stores herself in the past. Everyone loves her. She is part of my family now.

Swimsuit is also packed just in case it is needed. Looks like it would be heavy if wet since it is wool. Oh well, you know how I like old things. Maybe won't be in the current style but will be ME.

Have I forgotten anything in packing?
Boots, bag, swimsuit, hat, dresses, nighties.
I think I am ready.

Will post when I get back with some pictures of our trip.
I leave with a poem for my husband:

"If I wake, or if I sleep,
Still the memory I keep
Of the tender light that lies
In the depths of those brown eyes,

Be blessings scatter o'er thy way,
My gladsome, joyous, laughing sprite;
Be thy whole life one summer's day
Without the night."

taken from Album Verses
Their style is a little different from that day but the message is clear enough, I wish you
joy and happiness. Just kidding with the things I have packed. These are all things I sell here in the store in the antique clothing section.


common ground said...

Have a wonderful time together, and enjoy every moment!
Blessings, Debra

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Happy Anniversary to you and James. You two have fun, you deserve it!