Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tribute to my Aunt Arlene

As you read this it will mean that my aunt Arlene has passed away. She was so beautiful. She was so funny. And she was so kind. She was 83 on July 30 of this year. Her husband Art had died a year ago this month. She had been ready to leave this world since that day when he was laid to rest.
She did all the things a widow should do: ordered the grave marker, turned over as much as she could of her financial work to her most responsible daughter, Kat, and made the arrangements for her own funeral.
If she had not brought my Mom home with her from school that weekend many years ago when they were teens , how different my life would have been. My Mom met her older brother who is my Dad and they fell for each other immediately. They married in a year and were together for almost 50 years when my Dad died. Mom lived
another 15 years before she left us about 3 years ago. She and Arlene remained good friends all their lives. I called her Aunt Ninnie since I could not say Arlene when
a baby. She remained a sweet and loving person until the end.
Time marches on and does not let us keep any of our older loved ones
until we become the older generation. I still have an aunt and uncle
left then I go on the front line of the older generation myself.
I hope people can look back on my life when the time comes
and say I was a kind and loving person.
Picture is of my Mom left Arlene in center and cousin Jo. Date about 1940 or 41.
In the three pics together there are two of Aunt Ninnie alone at age 14 and 17 and
one of her with Art, her husband from about 3 years ago.

She died at 7:28pm on Wed. Aug.26, 2009 in Spring Texas where she had lived since
her husband's death last year. We will surely miss her sweet smile and loving disposition forever.


common ground said...

Beautiful young women, and a wonderful tribute to your Auntie.

The Victorian Parlor said...

My condolences on your loss. The picture is lovely:).