Saturday, September 5, 2009


Did you ever play with paper dolls when you were a child?
My sisters and I did all the time.
We would receive paper dolls as gifts at birthdays and Christmas but we would also cut them out of magazines
and catalogs. The store paper doll clothing had little tabs you bent over the dolls to use over and again, but the ones cut out were not made this way and the tabs were homemade cutouts. My sister would forever lick these clothes on the doll figures and therefore they did not hold up long. I would become so frustrated with her that I would try to snatch my favorites from her which would usually result in them becoming headless.
We never were able to make peace over the paper doll issue and in time forgot to even play with those that survived.
I have in later years begun to collect paper dolls and now have many.
The Dolly Dingle paper dolls to the right are some I have collected as they were from before my time. Mine are, alas no more.
During the years my granddaughter and I have also played paper dolls as she finally got old enough to not tear them up. She liked the Beauty and the Beast paper dolls I had collected a few years ago. And the American colonial paper dolls also with all the beautiful clothes.
I think this is what drew me to paper dolls, the wonderful costumes.

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The Victorian Parlor said...

I do remember playing with paper dolls! My mother used to cut up old magazines or catalogs and my sister and I would play with the paper dolls for hours. Thanks for the lovely memory:).